As an experienced counsellor and psychotherapist, I’m often asked what psychotherapy is and what it involves.

I’m always happy to answer as it is my belief that psychotherapy can be hugely beneficial in dealing with and finding solutions to a wide variety of psychological health issues.

To confirm, psychotherapy is a practice which looks into the root cause of a problem to try to identify and find a solution. During a typical session, we may discuss your history and past to try to uncover the reason for feelings and behaviours in the present.

Psychotherapy is useful as a one-to-one form of counselling but can also be useful in group or family situations.

Once we’ve uncovered the root cause of the issue at heart, then psychotherapy can give us some answers as to how to treat the problem and make your situation better.

In my practice, I use psychotherapy to treat a wide range of symptoms and problems, including addictions, personality disorders, behavioural problems and depression among others.

Psychotherapy is a name which is given to a number of forms of treatment. These include psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and cognitive analytical therapy.

Upon meeting with a client to diagnose and discuss their problem, I will set out a treatment plan involving one or more of these forms of psychotherapies and from there the aim is to treat and improve the problem.

As part of a normal treatment plan, psychotherapy works best when it is carried out regularly and I may suggest that we meet once a week. A typical session can last between 45 minutes and an hour, although a group session in which every member of the group participates may take longer. The length of treatment and the number of sessions we will need will of course depend on your requirements.

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